Recipe: Aligning the rhythm of inner peace, positive vibrations and introspection for a balanced lifestyle.

Based on her first love for yoga, ballet and fitness, Monika wants to take you through an transformative journey from ordinary life to a balance within yourself and the world around you.

We have come a long way to get to the point where we can happily deliver these courses.

It all started as a small idea that grew into something more than just a desire to help others, an idea to help those who want to embark on the path of self-transformation to a brighter future without doubts, complexes and fears.

We hope you will join us in this wonderful world of love and happiness:)

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About Monika.

Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist,  Dance Teacher,  Yoga Teacher,  Personal Trainer,  Zumba Education Specialist.


How it all started
Monika was born in Poland but grew up dancing in Norrköping, Sweden
before she undertook training at the University College of Dance in

Ballet and jazzdance were the focus of her training for many years but she
also has some Ballroom competitions up her sleeve as well as been training
and choreographing a dance-group in Norrköping which perform and partake
in dance festivals with a repertoire of and various dance styles.

With the foundation of her first love - ballet and Polish Folkdance, Monika
went through life changing certifications in the world of Yoga and Fitness, Finding more and more that she was craving balance in her life.

This is how the BLNC-D path started. With the desire to share her experience

with others.

Nowadays, between running BLNC-D and weekly dance and fitness classes
she also runs dance workshops, dance projects, organizes fitness events and
is an vibrant source of inspiration for exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

With a bubbly personality, a broad education and background in dance and
wellness and an intense passion to spread the love and joy of movement and 
inner work - Monika's presence will inspire and motivate.



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