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About RTT:

Rapid Transformational Therapy ® (or RTT) is a hybrid therapy known for its efficiency in discovering the root of a client’s issue and helping them let it go for good. ​

Your RTT® therapist is equipped with an array of techniques and tools that are crucial, not just in teaching you how to communicate with your subconscious mind, but also directly accessing and fixing whatever blockages may be there. 

RTT® uses techniques for purposefully helping the client deal with ‘unfinished business’, meaning it is a technique for addressing the pain that some clients have felt for many years. 

How does RTT work? 

RTT enables us to communicate directly with the subconscious mind – which is where most issues, blocks and limiting beliefs reside.
We access the root cause of the issue, which leads to an understanding of why and when it started. this understanding is powerful.

Next step in the process find a way to let go of the issue for good.
Moving forward positively, creating the life that you want. 

Following the RTT session, a personal transformation audio made specifically for each person is provided. The mind learns by repetition and the recording rewires the brain to accept the new beliefs so that the change is permanent and powerful. 

This recording is to be listened to daily for 21 days at least and the therapist will check in with the client during that time to provide support and encouragement during this transitional stage. 

So step forward to your fears and your past! Right now, you can change your life by simply clicking "book now" and after choosing a date when we can call you and paying $250, you will receive an E-Mail with all the following details and a Zoom link that will take you to 30 minute consultation call so we can determine what we are working on. then we agree on a date and time for a two-hour RTT session.

you will also get:
  - 1 audio of Transformation included to listen to for 28 days
  - 30 min Call back to see how we proceed

2-3 sessions per issue are usually recommended

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