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About the Membership

As a part of BLNC-D Membership, you can enjoy two weekly livestreams and access an On Demand library of content that is inspired by the four elements of the world: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Each element has its own special qualities that can help us feel more grounded, open-hearted, and passionate about transformation.

Fire - Power
Fire is associated with passion and energy. Longevity workouts, will help us stay healthy, strong, and in tune with our physical needs.
In the Fire category you will have access to : 
*  Short workouts 
*  High intensity Cardio classes
*  Bodyweight training
*  Strength training with tools


Air - Movement : 
The Air element encourages us to open our hearts and minds. We can achieve this by dancing and moving our bodies in an authentic way. By focusing on the flow of movement, we can access our inner creativity and inspiration. 
In the Air category you will have access to : 

RetroDance  *
BLNC-D Ballet  *
Low impact dance classes  *
Body Flow classes  *

Earth - Grounding: 
The Earth element inspired us to stay in the present moment and feel grounded. By engaging in grounding practices like intention-setting and contemplation, we can expand our awareness and connect more deeply with the present. 
In the Earth category you will have access to : 
*  Yoga
*  Grounding practices


Water - Emotions
Water has a healing effect. When we learn to release negative emotions and thoughts, we can tap into our inner strength and become more nurturing towards ourselves and others.  
In the Water category you will have access to : 
BLNC-D Podcast  *
Journaling tools  *
Daily life tools  *

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