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What kind of program is this?

This is an online Step-By-Step Program that guides to start living a life of balance in 90 days or less.

Everything has been laid out to give you the shortcut, clarity, and support necessary, to start taking action and living a balanced life to the fullest.


Who is this program for?

This is for you that is tired of being stuck in the hamster wheel of life and not being able to have control of it.

You are putting your energy into habits that are damaging your growth and want to break free.  

You have the desire for change, but you are uncertain of where to start and how...


Why was this
program created?

Many people find themselves feeling stuck, unable to make progress towards their goals, and constantly putting things off until tomorrow.

I understood how frustrating and overwhelming can this be, and I wanted to create a program that could help people overcome it.


When does it begin and end?

This is an ongoing online program, so as soon as you join, you can get started right away.

We'll kick things off with the Step-By-Step trainings and your first coaching calls with me so we can get you moving forward quickly.

You'll have instant lifetime access to the entire program and all future updates for as long as the program exists (minimum 4 years).


Where can I access the program?

You can access the program online at any time from your computer or mobile.

Inside the course portal, you'll find all the training videos, checklists, and other downloadable resources you'll need.

Each week, we also have 2x Coaching Calls on Zoom with me personally, as well as 24/7 support from me inside the client community.


How does the program work?

Take action on the Step-By-Step trainings and checklists, and follow the proven process.

Ask all your questions in the client community and in the coaching calls to make sure you keep moving forward and succeed with this.

We value simplicity, clarity, and support, so if you ever need help, my team and I will be right there to assist you and get you back on track.


What does the program include?

✔️ Training Videos:
Clear and easy-to-follow online course to take action on
✔️ Tools & Resources:
Workbook, checklists and guides
✔️ Rapid Transformational Therapy:
4 private RTT sessions with Monika 
✔️ Coaching Calls:
2x weekly coaching calls with Monika and the other clients
✔️ Client Community:
24/7 support from Monika inside the client community
✔️ Lifetime Access:
Get all the resources and updates for life (min 4 years)


Is it worth the investment?
Here's what our clients think: 

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Client Wn 23
Client Wn 21
Client Wn 20
Client Wn 18
Client Wn 19
Client Wn 16
Client Wn 15
Client Wn 17
Client Wn 14
Client Wn 13
Client Wn 12
Client Wn 11
Client Wn 6
Client Wn 10
Client Wn 9
Client Wn 8
Client Wn 7
Client Wn 5
Client Wn 3
Client Wn 4
Client Wn 1
Client Wn 2


How can I make sure this is right for me?

Book a FREE call with Monika and let's find out!

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