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BLNC-D  Membership

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What's inside?

2x Weekly Livestreams


Library of 350+ Videos of:​

  • Yoga​

  • Grounding Practices

  • Body Weight Trainings

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Dance Fitness

  • Retro Dance

  • BLNC-D Ballet

  • And So Much More!

How it works?

Our Body-Mind-Heart Connection method - THE EATHER

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Fire Category: Ignite your passion with powerful longevity workouts, ensuring fitness, health, and a deep connection with your body.

Air Category: Unlock creativity and inspiration through authentic movement, dance, and body flow classes.

Earth Category: Ground yourself in the present with yoga and meditation for inner balance, centering, and expanded awareness.

Water Category: Explore podcasts, journaling tools, and daily life resources to release negativity and nurture inner strength.

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