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Become Fearless

How do you spend your days when it seems you have more time in your hands ? Like now for example a lot of people are taking some time off in between the holiday season and the new year.

Perhaps this thought never crossed your mind because you never really had the chance to stop and smell the flowers.

With all the things that you need to get done, there isn’t any time to stop and give yourself some room to to breathe.

But it isn’t the packed schedule or the long list of things-to do that hinder you from enjoying your free time. You have become afraid of having some extra time in your hands because you don’t know what to do with it.

Does this sound familiar to you ?

If you I suggest you keep reading.

Have you become afraid of the empty space in your life?

Constant distractions, the hamster wheel of life, the lack of focus and the lack of satisfaction may often leave you with so much more than you can handle.

You end up running from one task to another. Instead of enjoying the spaces between the tasks, the moments of solitude and stillness, your end up filling these gaps with activities… why ?

Because you associate productivity with self-worth.

Stillness and silence feel like they hold no value and the noise and chaos feels more comfortable because it feels familiar.

But what are you so afraid of ?

Is your fear of being left empty stopping you from embracing the silence? Are you afraid that if you stop doing things, you would be left with nothing.

These fears are a constant reminder that we need to be trying to do more, to be more so you don’t stop yearning to learn more.

But then again, learning to be fearless is something that would be worth learning and embracing.

You are worried that if you will be still this will make you fall behind. This unexplainable fear of not being able to do more than what is expected of you, stems from the fact that you are afraid of being irrelevant. Not being enough.

You are afraid of being alone because you think that being with yourself is not going to make you happy, because silence makes you feel lonely.

If you continue to associate silence to loneliness , the you will not be able to see how positively this stillness can change the way you see the world.

“Only silence is more beautiful than music”

The silence allows you to go deeper in your thoughts and feel and explore your future.

If you are insecure about the fact that others are achieving more than you, then your thought are putting you in a shaky position, making it impossible to focus on you being able to express your wants, needs and desires for a better version of yourself.

After all, the most critical aspect of overcoming your fear of the unknown is to take it on head strong.

Rise to the occasion and see the positive possible outcomes of conquering your fears.

So how do you train yourself to have a fearless mind ?

* Remember that comfort and growth are two different things.

* Embrace your fears by allowing yourself to become comfortable with discomfort for a while.

* Confidence is key. Take on the fish and move forward.

* If it intimidates you then conquer it. Reclaim your power by overcoming the fear.

* Understand your fear.

* Acknowledge your fear and prepare yourself for the best.

* Name your fear. When you call out on your cautious critic, you realise that you are your own person.

* Imagine your life without the fear

The most important lesson to bring home is this :

“A life lived in fear is a life half lived”

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