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Brushing your teeth in the morning: how taking action improves your mental health?

Good question with an even better answer, and let's make it short!

So, how can overcoming procrastination benefit you? Well, to answer that, let's look at procrastination and how we feel about it.

We stop taking action (in most cases) because of two things:

  1. We did it before and it was hard, painful, annoying, exhausting, etc., or

  2. We feel that it's not important and that it will not take us where we want to be, or we think that it's too big to accomplish (like a huge room you have to clean and you just don't know where to start).

So now that we know what can be the root cause of procrastination, we can go towards taking it away… (which is another topic)

How does it improve your mental health? Breaking the cycle of stress that is caused by you not taking action and putting away important things can give you a sense of accomplishment, reduced stress, improved self-esteem, eliminates self-doubt and self-guilt.

How does that sound?

And yes, you will not feel like a superstar after brushing your teeth in the morning once, not even after the 3rd time, no! But after a month of being committed to taking that one action, you will see that your teeth are much brighter and healthier. Same goes for going to the Gym, same goes for working on your side hustle, same goes for nearly anything in life!

There you go!

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