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Can You Cure Procrastination? My story on how I did it.

Okay, #story time!

So, once upon a time, there lived a boy named Harry. Where, would you ask? Well, the story keeps it as a secret… Harry didn’t like to do stuff, all he liked is to sit and watch series, play video games, eat chips, and do pretty much nothing (I forgot that he also enjoyed spending time with his friends).

The only problem is that Harry did not realize that it all was happening because of his self-insecurity and fear of outcome. That boy definitely loved immediate reward for his action, and you wouldn't get any if you will go to the gym or start working on yourself in any way.

So, Harry slowly but surely became a procrastinator, and one day it hit him (pretty hard I must say). He woke up feeling like a complete mess, with no understanding of what he is or what he wants to do…

It took him some time to understand this (and by some time, I mean some years), and the first steps were terrible cause he didn't know where to start. You see, doing something for so long, he couldn't imagine how life could be different.

But small steps make huge progress. One day after another, he started implementing small tactics. He started waking up at a certain time, taking care of himself, and so on. It wasn't fast. Transformation takes a long time, but once it's kicked in, there is nothing that can stop it, cause the feeling you get when you finally see yourself in a state you wanted to be and understanding of how much more you can achieve is unimaginable!

The moral or the point here is, YES, procrastination is curable, but there is no magic pill to that. You can get help with it, but it always starts with you and your desire for a change, your desire to be someone you've always wanted to be. That's it for today, amigos.

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