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Everything is Energy

Everything is energy; words we speak, thoughts we think, emotions we feel, colors, people, foods, places, music, art, plants - everything!

According to science, all physical matter is made up of atoms. They are vibrating at such high speed that we become physical. Thoughts become things.

What is a thought? It is mental energy. The clothes you wear, your phone, internet, shoes, houses, books, music, art - everything started with a thought. That thought or idea turned into more thoughts. That first thought was like a seed that got nurtured. It grew. It sprouted. And like magic; it's born into the physical realm.

We think and speak our reality into existence. The thoughts we think and the words we speak create emotions within us.

These emotions vibrate at a specific energy frequency. When we feel joyous and grateful, that is a totally different vibration than feeling depressed or angry. Our vibration is every second either creating more of what we want in our lives or more of what we don't want.

Our thoughts are like a boomerang, we send it out and it comes back to us. Where focus goes, energy flows.

High or Low? It ́s All Part of The Journey

Low vibration energy is created from emotions like frustration, guilt, anger, bitterness, sadness, jealousy, fear, shame, pessimism, etc. These emotions drain you off life energy and can keep you stuck.

High vibration energy is created from emotions like love, gratitude, joy, happiness, passion, excitement, positive expectation, freedom, creativity, enthusiasm, hope, optimism, etc.

Our emotions (vibration) are created from thought energy, and they from our choices, actions and the way we behave. Another way of saying this is; “my thoughts create my life.”

The physical life is about duality; up and down, in and out, light and dark, love and hate. However, we are not here on planet earth to keep ourselves stuck on the negative end of the vibrational scale.

We learn from the contrast of emotions. As you commit to live a more BLNC-D lifestyle, it has the potential to tip the scale so that you are more on the positive side. Then life becomes even more interesting; if your vibration drop for some reason, maybe you'll be surprised when you notice that it doesn't affect you that hard anymore because your positive energy vibration is too strong.

You will find it easier to stop the thoughts that cause low vibration, and you just don ́t bother to keep yourself in a negative state, because when you have more and more control over your thoughts and emotions, you become a deliberate creator of your reality. Is it easy to keep oneself on the high end of the vibrational scale most of the time? Yes and no. This is a skill. To master it, we need to practice, practice, practice. When you master something, it becomes automatic.

Notice your vibration during the end of the day in your evening and do a vibration check. Write it down. Ask yourself “What can I focus on now, that would make me feel better? Observe what comes to mind and change your focus to that.

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