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Get clear on what you want

“To try and solve a problem with the same thinking that created the problem, will only give you more problems.” - Albert Einstein It´s impossible to attract what you do want in your life by complaining and focusing on what you don´t want. You will only get more of what you are complaining about, because then you vibrate on the frequency of complaining, and that energy is; impatience, irritation and frustration. It can even go to lower vibrations like anger, guilt and fear. When you focus on what you do want instead, your subconscious mind receives that signal, and immediately start the process of matching that signal. Is it possible to have a positive focus all the time? Probably not all the time, but why not most of the time? 90% of the time? 70% of the time? 80% of the time. Sure. Why not? One of the ways we can start to make our lives more positive and high vibrational, is to create a list over the things that are negatively affecting us, and start to eliminate, or reduce time spent with those elements; foods, people, unhealthy habits, mass media, complaining, clutter, negative self-talk, and more. These elements need to go if you want to keep your vibration high. GOALS To have goals, is like having the image of the end result. The simple act of writing down your goals will have a huge impact on your ability to manifest what you really want in your life. When we have goals, we have a specific destination that we´re heading towards. We need to know our destination. Know what you want and why you want it. BE SPECIFIC What? How much? By when? To have a deadline for the goal seems to have a positive effect. Without the deadline, the goal is more floating. It´s just a wish. With the deadline, it´s more real. More solid. Humans tend to achieve more with deadlines. Important to know: You cannot make goals that involve changing other people; “I want my husband to bring me flowers every day for the rest of my life.” You cannot control others. Your goals are about you. FIND YOUR WHY! Why do you want what you want? Your WHY is the big motivator and the fire that will get you from where you are, to where you want to be. DESIRE VS. COMMITMENT If you are committed, you will do whatever it takes. You´ll work through all resistance. You will find the solutions. You ´ll read those books. You´ll attend that course. You´ll find a way to raise that money. You will do what it takes because you are committed. Will there be bumps in the road? Sure. That´s life. But when you are committed you will take on any challenge and conquer it. When you just desire it, you ´ll probably give up if the bumps are too many or too big. Commit to attracting your goals! ACTION! One has to take action towards the goal. Chunk the goal up into small pieces and do one step at a time. How do you eat an apple? You chew it bit by bit. An outstanding strategy for attracting and achieving any goal is to do five things per day that get you closer to your goal.

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