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Happy New Year everyone!

2023 is officially here ! How are you feeling about the new year ?

How many intentions and goals have you already set for yourself?

I will let you in on a a secret. I stopped setting New Years resolutions a long time ago. Reason for this is because they are usually set out of a desperate desire to change something in your life, without counting in the factors of goal setting and intention.

What is the difference ?

You can’t really break and intention can you ? While a resolution is easily broken.

An intention and a goal can be easily changed to adapt to you current situation and need. Because let’s face it, change is the only constant and yes things change and sometimes they change fast.

It’s all about creation. What thoughts you create.

How many thoughts are you entertaining in your mind that you are not creating in this moment right now?

Recognize the difference between thoughts that you are creating and the thoughts you have attached to that are in your subconscious.

Notice random thoughts that pop into your head that tend to devalue you and minimise you. These thoughts are generated in this moment right now.

Try to eliminate worried thoughts, judgmental thoughts, thoughts of lack and limitation…These are the thoughts you have learn to control.

We tend to be in our minds all the time, which prevents us from being present in this moment right now - until we control the mind.

So how do we train our mind to release these conditioned thoughts. To begin, see where you dis-empower yourself, release that conditioning and feel connected to the now.

Begin the New Year by neutralizing thoughts that just pop into your head out of nowhere by being fully present right now.

Right now is where your breath is.

Your breath is your power – not your mind.

When your mind wanders, take control.

Grab a pen and paper. It’s time for you to separate the attached thoughts from the thoughts that you control. Ask yourself :

* What thoughts about myself and my life are attached thoughts (limitations, judgements, worries) ?

* What thoughts do I want to create for myself in the present moment, to live and thrive in the not ?

And now take a deep breath.

Ask yourself : What does intuition feel and sound like to you ? Do you trust your intuition ?

Write out the answers now and throughout the year whenever you feel doubtful, defeated or challenged.

Connect with a gratitude practice and mentality and try to maximise your thoughts that are created in the present moment. From here, set your intentions for your desired path.

Remember you are the creator of you own life path. Take control and thrive in the present moment.

We we wish you all a wonderful 2023.

Thank you for being here and thank you for all of your support.

Let’s reach for Balance and let’s move forward with our own personal transformation.

With love and appreciation,

Arkadiy and Monika

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