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Knowing your Worth

Your worth as a person is not determined by your accomplishments or the things you’ve been conditioned to believe define you. Your self-worth doesn’t fluctuate depending on your achievements or failures.

To know your worth is to know who you truly are beyond your conditioned mind. Your worth goes beyond material possessions. It’s tied to the fact that with or without the achievements, you are still valuable.

Knowing your self-worth allows you to disassociate the outcome of what you do with who you are. It implies you are in touch with yourself, and more than going through life, you are intentional, doing only the things that serve your purpose.

So basically, knowing your worth enables you to be true to who you are, and live an authentic life.

Realize your worth by these few steps:

* Resist the urge you might have to measure up to others standards.

*Build a strong foundation based on your authentic needs and desires.

*Decide to engage in activities that bring you Joy.

*Let go of anything that is draining your energy and power, and focus on what you truly desire.

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