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Live in the moment

Appreciating even the simple things in life is an art form in itself. Putting your attention on what nurtures your being and be focused on the things that bring you even the slightest of pleasure.

Your life is made of Moments.

Live your life at the moment, act with sincerity and kindness, and express love whenever you can.

Focus more on being present and receiving and move away from doing and achieving. When you put attention into the smallest details of receiving even the smallest of life’s gifts, you open yourself up to more possibilities of living in a state of joy and gratitude.

The simplest of things will seem like huge acts and the biggest of spectacles will fill your entire being with truths of the present moment. So next time you wake up in the morning, see, be and feel whatever is happening to you in that moment before you reach for your phone.

Living in the moment is also being at peace with who you are at that moment in time and since you create your reality, you are the one who chooses how you want to set yourself up for the day.

Gratitude in heart, breath that breath of life and fill your lungs with the joys of the world you create around you.

That is the secret to living in the moment.

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