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Replace Have with Get.

Try to replace "I Have To" with "I Get To" To Be More Thankful and Mindful . It's easy to see a day to day task as a mundane chore, even if it really is an opportunity we're happy to have.

Remind yourself by saying "I get to" instead of "I have to" when thinking about the task to foster a more gracious mindset. While you won't necessarily say "I get to take out the trash!" with genuine excitement.

In other situations put the change into perspective. For example: saying "I get to go to work" or "I get to take my daughter to soccer practice" helps you remember that these are opportunities you would miss if they were gone.

It's a simple change that can remind you to be thankful and happy throughout your day for the things you normally take for granted. Every time you say or think "I have to" try replacing it with " I get to" and add some excitement to this. And while you are at it, make a game out of it with your family. See who wins during the end of the day.

Enjoy !

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