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The Dark Side of Perfectionism: How It Fuels Procrastination

Spooky... How you try to make everything look as perfect as possible actually keeps you procrastinating? Well, I can share with you something I recently read. I read this amazing book called "Eat that Frog" for some who read, you might know what I will talk about.

So, simply speaking, a "Frog" that you need to eat is the biggest and most impactful task in the beginning of the workday that you need to do! And what does it have to do with perfectionism, you ask?

Most of us are afraid that we will not be able to accomplish the most important task perfectly, therefore, they are not even starting and instead, focusing on trying to accomplish other, less important but easier tasks in a perfect way.

What is the problem here? By being afraid that you do not have enough skills, you may never start, and now imagine how much opportunities you may have lost because of that! So simply do it! Every single time if you are afraid of learning a new language because your pronunciation will not be the best, just learn it!

You can read 10 books a month by reading a chapter or two a day. You can start running, and in the beginning, it won't be perfect, but after 200 meters per day, you will run much better. The key here is to start!

So be an action taker and start, and stop finding excuses on why you can't!

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