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The Pros of Being a Procrastinator 🤔

You know, before I answer this one, I must say that I asked (as a proper procrastinator, hehehe) AI to write me the Benefits. here’s the answer:

🎨 Enhanced creativity: Procrastination can lead to increased creativity, as the brain has more time to ponder and generate new ideas.

💪 Increased motivation: Some procrastinators work well under pressure and tend to be highly motivated when facing tight deadlines.

🕰️ More free time: By procrastinating on tasks that aren't essential or urgent, procrastinators can free up time for leisure activities or other pursuits.

🧐 Better decision-making: Procrastinators tend to take longer to make decisions, which can lead to more thoughtful and carefully considered choices.

No, no, no, and no… By procrastinating, you are getting no enhanced creativity. Rather, you are not accomplishing anything and hiding behind the excuse “I’m a creative person”. Increased motivation? Hehehehe, nope…

More free time? Well, that’s an interesting one. More free time for what? Watching Netflix or mindlessly scrolling through Instagram? (sorry, not to mention TikTok) 😅 And last but not least, better decision-makingHmmmmmm, nah, not really either. This better decision making would sound like this: ↓↓↓

“Hmmm, I want this dress, or no, maybe I actually don't, but it costs only X amount. Ah, for **** sake, maybe I shouldn’t waste money on something like that. I’ll go to Mc’Donalds instead… Lady/Sir, can you pack me this dress please?”

So, my answer to that would be a definite “NO”. There are no pros in being a procrastinator or procrastinating. I’d rather suggest practicing creativity (yes, you can do this) and practice in decision-making if you want to acquire such a skill. That’s it for today.

Buenos dias, amigos! 🌞👋

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