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The Root Causes of Procrastination: What's Really Going On? đŸ€”

So, what's really going on? I'll keep this one short so that the little procrastinator inside of you can read it fully 😜. What's happening in our brains when we procrastinate? What can we do about it, and how should we react?

For starters, there are many reasons why you procrastinate in the first place, but we're going to generalize a bit here. You see, our brains like the immediate chocolate for accomplishing a task much more than the one that will come later đŸ«.

Ultimately, this means that we like to do things for which we will get an immediate reward, rather than doing something for the long term. (That's why breaking goals into smaller chunks is helpful.)

But it can also be as simple as having experienced negative emotions while doing a task in the past, and not wanting to go through that again. So you find something to distract yourself instead of doing it, because you don't want to feel anxiety, frustration, stress, etc. đŸ˜«

So there you have it, friends. It's as simple as that. But it's not always like this for everyone; the reason for procrastination can be different for everyone. At least we can put it all under some criteria!

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