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Top 3 Triggers of Procrastination

#TOP3 topic is here, friends! The Earth is not flat and there are more than 3 triggers but we gonna go through the most obvious ones.

  1. 👻 Fear of failure: You might start to procrastinate if you fear that the tasks you said to yourself will fail or not satisfy you and others around you. I'm gonna tell you how to overcome it.

  2. 💪 Lack of motivation: When you don’t feel motivated to do something, you may start procrastinating by doing something more fun.

  3. 😩 Overwhelm: Too much to do, too little time, and you just can’t seem to stop drinking coffee and get a hang of all that "to-do lists.”

For starters, how do you beat fear of failure? You simply look it in the eyes, cause the only way you will fail is by not taking action.

Learn self-discipline and understand why you don’t have motivation/energy to accomplish things. Because concept of motivation is boneless it might get you started but it will never keep you consistent.

Overthinkers (and not only them) have a tendency to overwhelm and not take action. Break your tasks into small chunks and finish them one by one!

Hope you enjoyed it! Till next time, friends! 🤗

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