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Top 3 Ways to Help a Friend Who Procrastinates

Hmm... What are the top 3 ways to help blah blah blah... I hope you read the title. So, how can you help those in need of action? Let's go over some suggestions. Now, my own opinion is that you can't really help them, but I know that the tips below help others really well, so let's go over them! 😃

#1 As our procrastination expert, Monika Lejman proclaims, you can start by finding the root cause of their procrastination. Then, you can help them overcome it. but you need to be professional!(she does it professionally, by the way, so book a call). 💡📞💼

#2 You can be an accountability buddy! Doesn't that sound amazing? You can call each other and keep track of your "to-do lists", and then celebrate at the end of the day! (I personally like how this one sounds, even though my best buddy is me). 🤝📝🎉

#3 Eliminate distractions for that friend of yours who's crying about how they can't stop watching Netflix and eating chips. Throw their phone out the window and flush those chips in the toilet (they're not healthy anyway). 📵🚫📺🍟💩


There you go, friends. I hope that was helpful enough. Even though these tips do help you right here and now, for the long run, you would need something more than just a friend. You need a mentor, so don't hesitate to consider our wonderful expert, Monika Lejman! 😊👍👩‍🏫


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