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Finding Balance: My Journey


My name is Monika Lejman, and throughout my life, I've carried a profound sense of disconnection from others and myself. Growing up in Sweden after being born in Poland, I always felt like I didn't quite belong. It was as if I was missing something essential, leaving me with a constant yearning for deeper connections and a true sense of belonging.


For me, the pursuit of perfection became a cage that blocked my path to balance. As I excelled in dance, achieving various accolades and pursuing my passions, I unwittingly allowed my workaholic tendencies to consume me. I became trapped in a cycle of overthinking and relentless pressure. Despite my outward achievements, I felt empty and unfulfilled in my personal life, yearning for a sense of balance that constantly eluded me.


But then, one pivotal moment brought me a profound realization. I came to understand that seeking external validation and chasing goals from a place of feeling imperfect were futile endeavors. It was a moment of clarity—an understanding to the fact that true fulfillment couldn't be found solely through achievements or meeting societal expectations. I knew I needed to embrace imperfections and honor my authenticity in order to find the balance I sought!


With this newfound understanding, I embarked on a personal journey to discover inner balance. Guided by my instincts and fueled by a desire to inspire others, I immersed myself in yoga teacher training. This path allowed me to explore the intricate connection between my body, mind, and heart—a transformative experience that would shape the course of my life.


To further my growth, I delved into Rapid Transformational Therapy, confronting the traumas that had hindered my progress and healing from past wounds. It was a challenging yet necessary step on my path to balance. Embracing the #daretobeyou method, I learned to trust my intuition and live authentically, redefining my values along the way.


Today, I find myself standing on the precipice of a life transformed. Alongside my partner, Arkadiy Konstantinovskiy, I am committed to building BLNC-D — a space and community for those seeking a balanced life. Our BLNC-D Program, inspired by the elements of Water, Air, Fire, and Earth, serves as a guide for people on their transformative journeys, helping them unlock their own unique paths to personal and profound wellbeing.


Through my own emotional transformation and the lessons I've learned, I have come to understand the power of embracing imperfections and living a life guided by inner balance. My journey serves as an inspiration to others, reminding them that the pursuit of a fulfilling life is deeply personal, yet undeniably worthwhile. And it's still going on every single moment of my life as I'm moving on and learning new things everyday! 

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