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Do you only allow others to see the positive without ever discussing the dark side of life.

There is a “love and light movement spreading all over the world.

Being a “Lightworker” and “banishing the darkness” and wishing everyone love and light even though you might act in a total selfish egoistic way does not free you from the chains of being a human living on this earth.

We are all still accountable for our actions and your actions might be hurtful to others, no matter if you feel that you are “love and light”.

What I am saying is that even though we move toward cultivating a positive mindset and living from a place of love, we are all still human after all and the moments your “dark side “ comes out, maybe due to a conflict, doesn’t mean that you are a bad person…

What it means is that this “darker side” of you is an invitation to go deeper and see what is the bigger picture of what your trigger point is.

We should be able to tell each other from the most loving place “you’re annoying” and “your actions hurt me”, without worrying about not being liked or loved?

So what does it mean to wish someone love and light?

Though there are many different ways to interpret the meaning, it is generally a way to wish someone peace and healing. Though it might not come right away, you're reminding them of your love as well as wishing them well in the future.

Sounds nice enough, doesn’t it?

So let’s come back to the importance of not ignoring the pain, the hurt, the sadness and the heavy emotions that come up inside of you. Allow your mind explore your inner realms.

It’s Not All Love and Light. We Can’t Ignore the Dark and Just “Be Positive”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: None of us has it all figured out.

Every persons journey to transformation is personal.

It is your own path to take and explore …

The beauty of this journey is that while you discover the infinite love inside of you and tap into your uniqueness, you also fall in love with your humanness. You start to accept that you are meant to feel all emotions, while also finding ways to be in alignment with what feels good to you.

The work of returning home to yourself, begins by simply acknowledging that something is missing and that you feel disconnected. From there, you need dig deeper and get to know your dark side instead of denying it with positivity.

The journey will involve facing your beliefs head on and learning to release and reshape the ones that no longer serve you .

It will ask you to release old wounds and drop the revenge-like mentality against people and circumstances that have hurt you.

It will require you to visit painful memories and comfort that inner child in you who needs to be nurtured.

It will require you to be honest with yourself about how committed you are to change.

This is no overnight change, but a long journey with many layers. You will get to your truth by releasing emotions and beliefs that are just plain heavy and rooted in fear and doubt.

This will take time. But the importance here is that you are willing to take that time for yourself.

If the emotional release is not part of the routine, it will be challenging to maintain lasting change.

The emotional healing is the hardest part. It’s the part that many resist for a long time until they become comfortable facing shortcomings, past traumas and conditioning.

The real transformation begins inside. Once you expose the darkness, love and light can then enter. And when darkness comes to visit again, the light within you will give you strength to face any challenge.

We are all light and darkness and by balancing them out, then you are on your way to establish a life of balance.

With love and appreciation,


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