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It's Time to Take Inspired Action

Action is always required in some form for changes to take place. If you want to row and flow on a river with your boat, you have to take action. Nothing will happen before you take action by putting the boat in the river, jump in it and start rowing. The currents will help you, but you have to do your part. Today will be all about those six last letters of the word attraction; Action! Learning & Growth Everybody wants to change some aspect of their lives. Despite all the information available on how to make that change, and all the tools and techniques designed to create that change; Still, most people never take the necessary action steps.

We are too busy, talking about it, thinking about it, planning and organizing. While all these things are essential, they are not worth anything without action. When you do take action, You are walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

While procrastination is rewarded with more procrastination. When you take action that moves you closer to your goals, you start to grow. You attract people, events and opportunities that are aligned with your goals. You will find solutions that never would have entered your consciousness if you didn’t take action.

You most likely have to learn some new things, learn some new skills, stretch outside your comfort zone. The growth that happens on that journey towards attracting and achieving your goal, is more valuable than the goal itself. Your goals will mold you. Sculpt you. Think about this particular challenge for instance; it´s not about finishing it as fast as possible. It´s about what you learn, insights, tools and skills you attain. It´s about expanding consciousness. It´s about the journey itself. Take action, and your attracting power will gain momentum. Everything is attraction. While you take action, believe and behave like you already have accomplished your goal. How are your body language and facial expression? How are you feeling? Are you inspired, enthusiastic, optimistic? You will flow much more effortlessly when you put yourself in a high vibrational state before and during your action steps. There may be some action needed that you do not want to do. It may be a taking a phone call, writing an email, asking someone for help, creating a plan, etc. Put yourself in a positive and strong positive state first to make it easier. Focus on why you are doing this, not the action item itself. Remember, Your WHY is your fire. Your WHY is your motivation. I Don´t Have Time Either you find a way, or you´ll find an excuse. We all have 24 hours. How we use those 24 hours are another story. People that say "I don´t have time." They are lying. We find time for the things that are important to us. It´s about prioritizing. Time stealers It is said that the average American uses 6 hours per day watching TV and surfing the internet. That is 25% of a lifetime! In three years that´s a total of 6552 hours! That´s 273 full days! Think of the immense difference in a person´s life, if he focused this time on self development and taking action towards his goals… Here are some Action Steps 1. Find three of your worst time-stealers and energy wasters. Eliminate or reduce time spent on them. 2. Choose your top priority goal by asking yourself these questions : * What is my goal? (State your outcome) * What do I intend to give in return for it? (This will remind you that you give something up in return for your goal to become a reality) * What is the purpose? (This is your big WHY!) 3. Now write down 7 prioritized Action steps in order to achieve your goal. (One step at a time.)

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