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Transformation of Matter

We are all energetic beings in an energetic world. Everything is a reflection of what this represents. Everything that exists in your life is a thought within your mind. Nope this is not THE MATRIX my friend, this is infinite intelligence to understand who we truly are.

Did you know that we can influence the material world to change? Well we see changes all the time around us : On the news, on social media, in nature, age etc. So if we can influence the world to change can we influence, then what is to say that we cannot change the patterns in our life. It's time to free yourself from the density of matter.

Know that this is possible! Believe that you are more than what the world tells you, you are! So you believe it, so shall it be! But thinking about it will not create the change. You must act on it. But let's start with You believing that it's possible. Here are some more statements for you to think about : ♦ Those who are still in THE MATRIX are apart of the System in THE MATRIX (yup, this is a movie reference :P ) ♦ Those who move in the darkness are not your "enemies". but they are Everyone are lights, trapped in the veil of the night, believing the night to be reality. moving in the opposite direction of the light.

Which statement resonated with you and why ? And if this didn't resonate, then why ?

The last statement for me is something that I try to remind myself every day

Example : This understanding opens up a space of compassion of where others are in life. Not everyone is ready to be freed from THE MATRIX. You can be the instrument of change by inspiring others by being the best version of yourself.


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