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Truth - What you create is what you perceive

It is time for you to commit to your heart.

It is time for you to live from the heart.

It is time for you to live in the vibration of LOVE.

Letting go !

Learning how to live in a state of trust.

Your internal rebalancing is waiting for you.

Disconnection happens when we are allowing the external to control us.

But if we focus on our heart center we will bring :

* Joy

* Calmness

* Peace

* Abundance to our lives.

You cannot access these feelings through mind. It goes through the heart.

So when you move from the mind into your heart, you don't feel the pain anymore because you are giving yourself the permission to authentically feel what is in this moment in time and not what you felt in the past.

Letting go of the attachment to the pain, is the outcome.

If you are looking for some change in your life, experience the change you are in.

Experience the feeling and the vibration of love, joy and peace.

When you live in the frequency of love you attract the vibration of love.

It's all about creating the frequency about what you want to create.

Be in the frequency express it and feel it.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. ~ Carl Jung

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