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Start Living a Life of Balance in 90 Days or Less!
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I am a CEO and Founder of BLNC-D and here is my Story


My name is Monika Lejman and throughout my life, I've carried a profound sense of disconnection from others and myself. Growing up in Sweden after being born in Poland, I always felt like I didn't quite belong. It was as if I was missing something essential, leaving me with a constant yearning for deeper connections and a true sense of belonging...

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"Nail Time Management
Once and For All

BLNC-D was created for people who:

Feel overwhelmed by multiple responsibilities and struggle to find balance.

Lack clarity, purpose, or direction in life.

Experience stress, anxiety, or emotional imbalances.

Struggle with unhealthy habits and patterns.

Have difficulty managing time effectively and
prioritizing self-care.

Seek support and guidance during life's challenges and

And Here's What You Gonna Get By the End of It ↓↓↓

Newly Found Inner Peace

Complete balance and harmony in all aspects of your life

Improved mental health

Crystal clarity in your purpose and direction

Confidence and Self-Love

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