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Embrace Self-Love & Start Saying NO to Energy Drainers and YES to Your Own Needs in 90 Days or Less!
Or I will work with You 1:1 for free until you will.

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I struggled with an abusive relationship for over 20

I could hardly say YES to what my heart truly desired,
and neither could I say NO to things I didn’t want.

Through numerous trials and errors, I could finally say
NO to the thing that drained my energy the most (my


YES to the thing my heart truly desired; I
finally started traveling not to run away but because I
wanted to and met a love of my life in a foreign country!

Want to know HOW I did it? Grab the guide above 

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"Finally Say NO to Your Energy Drainers 7-Day Challenge"

BLNC-D was created for women who:

Struggle to say NO to things that drain their energy.

Toxic Relationships

Grief and Loss
Unhealthy Lifestyle
Emotional Baggage
Existential Crisis

Struggle to say YES to their own needs.

Healthy Lifestyle 
Happiness and Fulfillment
Stress-Free Life 

And Here's What You Gonna Get By the End of It ↓↓↓



Positive Self-Image

Healthy Habits

Confidence and Self-Love

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