The BLNC-D Recipe

Aligning the rhythm of inner peace, positive vibes and self reflection for that balanced lifestyle. Add a dash of ballet, a pinch of yoga and stir till you reach fulfilment. Decorated with fitness and motivational bites.

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The Ballet classes in BLNC-D are created for every day people, who love the notion of doing ballet in the comfort of their own home. 


Yoga made easy to enjoy with the full potential to progress at your own pace.


Muscular Fitness, Flexibility and Cardio is what you need to get an overrall BLNC-D workout regime. 


Monika Lejman- Sacristan is the creator of BLNC-D.
With a bubbly personality, a broad education and background in dance, and most notably, with an intense passion to awaken and spread the love and joy of dance - Monika's presence will inspire and motivate.

With the BLNC-D Recipe, Monika wants to inspire and motivate people into creating a BLNC-D Life. 
With the foundation of her first love - ballet, and Yoga and Fitness, she will take you through a journey to empower You to find your BLNC-D life. 

BLNC-D has the tools, but ultimately you are the creator of your future BLNC-D life. 
In the online courses you will also receive daily habit and gratitude trackers, helping you to reprogram your mind to live life to the fullest. 
Daily coaching, motivation and inspiration is also included 
through online closed Facebook groups. 

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If you are unsure of what is right for you, book a free strategy call with Monika to hear what options you have to choose from.
Or maybe you just need some 1&1 online coaching? 

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