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Exclusive event for Women

Want our proven Step-By-Step method that is helping our clients live a life of purpose and inner growth?


I will take action on this challenge and book an intro call with Monika's team member on the next page to maximise everything about this opportunity!

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#1 Break free from the past so you can release what is holding you back from living the life you really want.

#2 Harmonize your body, mind, and heart to live in connection with the present moment.

#3 Create a clear path that aligns with yourself and your core values to enable you to start Living Your True Life's Purpose.

It's within your power to live your life the way YOU want!

Many women live in roles they have put on throughout their lives! 

A mother,
A daughter, 
A caretaker, 
A pleaser,
A servant,

But why? Why choose any of the above when you can be YOU?

This is neither simple nor easy (don't trust anyone who tells you that it is). Because if this was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?

But, this is also not rocket science, you shouldn't be stuck for months or even years with this!

If you have the WHY, then we can show you the HOW.

3 main things should be in place to start living your true life's purpose:

#1 Get rid of your limiting beliefs
- they hold you back and don't allow you to progress forward.

#2 Connect to your Body, Mind and Heart - Become one with yourself.

#3 Get clear on your Core Values - they guide you and remind you of who you are.

And if these 3 things are in place... You set yourself up for a lifelong experience of purpose and happiness in life.

And that's what the challenge is all about!

During 3 days I will personally mentor, support and give you the exact method that helped me to break free from a 20-year-long abusive relationship, start travelling wherever I want and find the love of my life in a faraway land!

I already shared pieces of this method with over 1.000 women... You have a chance to grab the whole roadmap! 

Register now and get access immediately!

Monika Lejman

A daughter, 
A caret
A  people pleaser,
A servant,

After breaking free from a 20-year-long abusive relationship, travelling around the world and finding the love of my life in a faraway land, I realized how many women are being trapped in the roles society imposed upon them...

There came years of self-discovery, I came up with a method that would allow other women to break free from the roles that society put them in, and connect to their bodies, minds and hearts to find and live their true life's purpose.

After years of refinement and the pleasure of sharing it with over 1000 women, I can confidently say, it's your turn!

Go for it!